Indian School Lake

Scottsdale, Arizona

This project renovated the 10-acre Indian School Lake area within the City of Scottsdale’s Indian Bend Wash. The project required development of construction documents for Indian School Lake (Pump System, Lake Liner, Lake Edge Treatment, Aeration, Circulation, etc.), turf irrigation system at the park and the irrigation pump system and fertilizer injector connections to the San Francisco Giant’s spring training practice facility, realignment of portions of the existing multi-use pathway surrounding the lake to meet ADA requirement, as well as preservation and upgrades to the existing parking lot. The existing Indian School Lake was constructed in the early 1970’s with a salt impregnated clay liner. Over the past 45 -50 years the lake edge has eroded/migrated, sediment deposition has occurred, tree’s root systems have encroached into the lake, and ADA design requirements have been implemented. In addition, the pump system was at the end of its life cycle. Project improvements were designed so that the 100-year water surface elevation of Indian Bend Wash was not increased. The project required coordination with the City of Scottsdale (Parks, Engineering, and Water Departments), Flood Control District of Maricopa County, and the US Army Corps of Engineers (404/408 permits).

Indian School Park J2 Design