Commonwealth Avenue
Chandler, Arizona

Commonwealth Avenue was a key urban revitalization project in the City of Chandler’s long-term downtown redevelopment plan. This streetscape improvement parallels a historic canal originally created for the east valley bringing water and opportunities. This canal fell into disrepair with eroding banks, litter, puddles of stagnant water and wasting valuable water resources. Today the canal is a picturesque pedestrian amenity showcasing our desert’s most valuable resource, water, while educating visitors about the rich history of the canal system. The pathway provides connectivity from new urban housing and businesses to the historic Downtown. A colorful palisade with back-lit historical images and plaques tell history rich stories of the canal and community. The palisade painted five hues of blue representing the flow of water as it moves along the canal path. Indigenous plantings highlight low water use principles and allow natural sunlight into adjacent resort guest rooms. An artisan crafted mosaic of Dr. A.J. Chandler greets visitors at the western edge of the project along with a Thomas Fuller quote “we never know the worth of water ‘till the well is dry”. Anchoring the eastern end of the path is an inviting “pop up” park community gathering place.