Water Tower Plaza

Gilbert, Arizona

This three quarter acre urban plaza is located in the heart of the Town’s historic Heritage District. The plaza site sits under a 120 foot tall water tower constructed in the 1920’s. There is also a historic adobe pump http://sildenafilonlinebuy.com/ house on the site that served as the Town’s first jail. This plaza marks the beginning of the revitalization of the Heritage District and downtown Gilbert.

The plaza design developed by J2 consists of four different water features, an outdoor stage/gathering area, an informal turf amphitheater, tables and chairs, historical interpretation signage, and numerous trees for shade. One of the design team’s internal goals was to relate the plaza space to the looming presence of the immense tower. One way this was accomplished was through mimicking the structural attributes of the tower in other site features: on the bike racks, on the benches, on all entry monuments, and on the water features. The hardscape was enhanced with pavement patterns that reflect the shadow pattern cast by the tower’s structure and guy wires. A circular ground spray water feature was introduced at the base of the tower, reflective of the storage tank immediately above. A black granite sphere floats on a cushion of water at one corner of the site across from a future potential mixed-use development site, a contemporary feature designed to inspire the community to consider the exciting future of downtown Gilbert. Hovering above, and spanning the sphere, is a steel runnel, a celebration of the past. The runnel is reflective of the tower’s open box girder legs and incorporates valves and fittings from the original tower pumping equipment, symbolically uniting Gilbert’s future with its past.