Scotland Yard Park


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Peoria, Arizona

J2 is the prime consultant for the overall master plan and construction documents for the eight and one-half acre Scotland Yard Park. The project is located in the City of Peoria south of Scotland Avenue and east of 94th Drive. This park has given the J2 staff the opportunity to combine creative engineering and landscape architecture to achieve functional, aesthetic solutions by utilizing recycled materials and sustainable construction materials, along with water harvesting practices to create an educational and sustainable site for the residents of Peoria.

Proposed improvements for the site include: a hardscape entry plaza, a restroom building, picnic ramadas, a playground area, a dog park, a basketball court, tennis courts, concrete sidewalks and soft-surface trails, a large open grass field, drinking fountains, entry fencing, a lighting system, bio-swales, water harvesting basins, parking areas, and grading, drainage, water and sewer extensions.