Jeff Holzmeister, PE

M.S., Water Resources Engineering, 1988
University of Kansas
B.S., Civil Engineering, 1983
University of case study paper Kansas

Professional Engineer
State of Arizona (Civil – 1989 #23170)
State of Nevada (Civil –1995 #11572)


Jeff Holzmeister is the President of J2 Engineering & Environmental Design, LLC and has more than 25 years of water resources engineering experience. He also serves as J2’s Water Resources Section Manager and has been involved in a wide range of water resource related projects throughout the country. Investigation of these projects has required analyses of surface water hydrology, water distribution systems, open channel hydraulics, detention/retention basin design, storm drain design, bridge scour evaluation, and sediment transport analyses. In addition to technical engineering analyses, the majority of these projects have also required the development of construction cost estimates, operation and maintenance plans, and benefit/cost analyses to determine the economic feasibility of a specific flood control or drainage plan. He has also served as an “expert witness” in litigation related to several flood damage and water rights disputes in Arizona.