Jeff Engelmann, RLA
Vice President


B.L.A. Landscape Architecture 1983
Iowa State University
AutoCAD Management & AutoCAD Professional 1988
Cadd Institute Tempe, Arizona

Landscape Architect
State of Arizona (Landscape Architect)
State of Missouri (Landscape Architect)
State of Kansas (Landscape Architect)


Jeff Engelmann is the Vice President of J2 Engineering & Environmental Design, LLC and has more than 27 years of Landscape Architecture experience and has been involved in a wide variety of landscape architecture projects throughout the country. Jeff’s experience includes streetscapes, freeway corridors, aesthetic soundwall design for roadways and freeway projects, roadside buffering concepts, mass transit and light rail facilities, pedestrian/bicycle/equestrian trail design, revegetation projects. Jeff also excels at facilitating public presentations and citizen work group sessions. In addition, Jeff has completed downtown revitalization projects and urban designs where extensive public art hardscape and public urban plazas have been created. Jeff has worked extensively with all agencies throughout levels of government along with many different public art agencies.