Glendale Park and Ride

Glendale, Arizona

This facility is the Valley’s largest Park and Ride, and serves as a regional Park and Ride facility pulling users from the entire west valley. The design philosophy reflected a focus on environmental visit site stewardship and J2 embraced that challenge. The focus on stewardship shaped every aspect of the project and involved a rethinking about the ground plane under the plants and under the cars. The design of the shade canopies and the placement of trees throughout the site led to the directing and funneling of storm run-off to water garden areas.

This park and ride lot, at the time, had the largest installation of porous concrete in the State. Rain water harvesting from all roofs was implemented and rainfall runoff from the roofs is routed to create an ephemeral water feature as the water finds its way into the rain gardens sprinkled throughout the site. In addition the plant palette and ground plane treatment were designed to mimic the native Sonoran desert, where the use of native cacti, creosote and other native shrubs and trees, such as Palo Verde and Ironwood, are prevalent. Native seed areas are also integrated into the design. The desert pavement created for the ground plane was a special mix of large angular cobble mixed with smaller, granular materials. The visual play of light and shadow against the native plant palette is stunning, while simultaneously aiding in water conservation and reducing light glare.