Cosmo Park

Gilbert, Arizona

The Town of Gilbert hired J2 to work with ADOT to convert this planned 16 acre retention basin into a terraced multi-use park scenario. The creative fusing of engineering design with landscape architecture has resulted in the creation of an award winning public amenity, Cosmo Park. The once envisioned dry, fenced slopes have been replaced by grassy, softly undulating inclines, a lake, ADA accessible trails, picnic ramadas, a state-of-the-art dog park with water entry and dog dock, and a K-9 Police Dog training facility. Additionally, public access to a series of interconnected trail systems that link Cosmo Park to other recreational and destination features within the Town was envisioned and developed.

The design philosophy behind the 16-acre Cosmo Park was to celebrate the playfulness of dogs, and the joy that an animal can bring. This design philosophy was reflected in every aspect of the project, from the colored panels with dog paw prints on the light poles and the use of dog paw prints for the bridge crossing and wall aesthetics, to the “dog toe” seat pods around the park, to the fire hydrant site water feature at the park overlook and main entry.

Cosmo was the first of Gilbert’s K-9 police dogs. The park, dedicated to Cosmo, resulted in every aspect of the project having a relationship or design theme related to dogs. Officer Cosmo was a trusted friend and this park is a tribute to her years of service. With this in mind, Cosmo Park’s off-leash area was designed to provide the Town of Gilbert’s K-9 officers a place to train their amazing animals. The training zone includes a zero depth entry water access beach, a dog dock for water jumps, and other permanent training features. These same features are available for use by the general public during normal park operating hours.